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Make a difference with your CSR program

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Our focus has remained unchanged for more than 3 decades. We have consistently worked towards the rehabilitation of the special children and delivered results.

Our cause will satisfy your CSR purpose completely and together we can focus on making a difference in the lives of the differently abled children.


Our teaching and rehabilitation model are innovative and successful. The 3Cs concept developed by our founder Rev.Fr. Thomas Felix has been recognized and implemented by Benedictine University as a part of its curriculum.


We believe in complete transparency and our donors and CSR partners can be assured of complete information on our funds and operations.

The real wealth and credit of any institution is in its publications, and our publications reveal the worth of our hard work through these years.

CIMR is very rich in its wealth of knowledge. It has got 70 titles in its list of publications apart from more than a hundred special leaflets/brochures on selected topics and programs.



National Pilot Project, a national program aimed to integrate the mentally challenged with their families and community. It marked an important milestone for the mentally challenged and their families all over India. This project was inaugurated by Prime Minister of India Shri. A. B. Vajpayee on 29th June 1998. These programs conceptualized and carried out by Central Institute on Mental Retardation have reached 40,000 families in 23 states of India. Had it not been for the support and generosity of patrons like you, our journey may not have been possible at all.

We need your support to sustain our current level of work and manage our children who are currently residing in CIMR. Not a one-time donation, but a sustained support. A lot of ground remains uncovered and we need your help at each step. Together we can ensure that the children with disabilities are not denied their rights. Any sponsorship from you is welcome and here we have presented a list that would help our kids more in their education.

1. Home Sponsor: Please contribute towards the most vital expenses of our children’s food, clothing, accommodation, education, nutrition and medical expenses.

2. Corporate Educational Partner:
You can sponsor the Unique educational training expenses for children for one year or more.

3. Capital Asset: You can support funding of the recurring expenses of our centers such as the ‘Freedom Center’, ‘Farming expenses at our Agricultural farm. You can also help us meet the running expenses of CIMR such as vehicle facility for commuting our children, non-feeding and vocational training.

4. Cause Related Marketing: You can donate proceeds or a fixed percentage from the sale of one or more of your products, including new brands launched, to CIMR India. This might also include retail tie-ups where customers support the cause via the company’s outlets.

5. Pay Roll Giving: A small portion from the monthly salary of willing employees can be donated to CIMR with or without matching grant from the company.

6. Others: In kind donations, branding and awareness tie-ups and other innovative platforms.

We can help you achieve your CSR goals and together we can help the special children live a happy life.

Our presence in – Differently abled Category, match the criteria mentioned in the Companies Act, 2013.

CSR provisions in India – Download

To know more about us, you can download our Brochure here.

We provide detailed impact reports to highlight the results that help the donor company to proudly share it among its staff and customers.

CIMR is the right choice to associate your company with an experienced and diligent organization that clearly, visibly, makes this world a better place for differently abled children.

You may also reach us at for more information or detailed proposal.