Type of Education Provided

The Three C’s Concept – Creativity, Comprehension & Competence.

Rev. Fr Thomas Felix CMI, our Founder Director evolved a new system of teaching and training the Intellectually Challenged children, namely the Three Cs concept – an Educational method using shapes and colours as alphabets. These are universal and can be used globally without any language barriers.

The process of teaching is Knowing the Shapes (concept building), Making the Shapes (Carpentry and Stitching), Selecting the Shapes (Cycle Assembling) and Combining the Shapes (Home Management Class which includes Cooking, Washing and Ironing Clothes, Bed Making, Cleaning Classrooms, Bathrooms, Toilet, Surroundings etc.). The education also covers, Drawing and Painting, Health and Hygiene, Horticulture, Time and Money Concept, General knowledge, Sports and Games (both indoor and outdoor), Dance, Vocal Music and Instrumental Music (Tabla, Mridangam, Guitar, Jazz, Drums, Organ, Bongos and Harmonium) and Band.

Knowing the shapes – It is the first class based on ‘shapes-based curriculum’. Here idea formation according to basic shapes and colours is done. The shapes of concrete objects are understood by the five senses. Learning through shapes, aims to teach letters, numbers, reading and writing.

Making the shapes – It is the second class. This class focuses on ‘Making the shapes’ and ‘Giving shapes and forms.’ The intention is to prepare the person to make different shapes in different materials like wood, metal, paper or fibre and thereby making the person eligible for earning a living.

Selecting the shapes – This is the third class. This class teaches the person to select the shapes according to the need. Here the students achieve the ‘decision-making’ power to select the necessary shapes and to eliminate the unnecessary ones.

Combining the shapes – This is the fourth class. Here the process of ‘combination of measurements’ is understood. They learn to combine different shapes in order to make new materials. It mainly aims at ‘Home management’. The class also prepares the students in Cooking, Cleaning, Working, Ironing, Bed making etc.

Going through the four basic classes, a person develops ability and skill for a job, a comfortable home and acceptance of the society. ‘Knowing the shapes’ class teaches the person reading and writing. ‘Making and Selecting the shapes’ class prepares the students to achieve a job or earn for their living without depending on others and be self-sufficient. The classes provide the students with self-confidence without which they may not be able to achieve anything in life. These classes equip to face the challenges in life and fulfil dreams.

The result of this method of teaching helps them to attempt activities such as Horse Riding, Car Driving, Farming Techniques, all types of Classical Dance, playing Instruments and Music.