Dear Donor, You are gifting hope, happiness and health to a special child today.

Our children are sending their blessings your way!

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Help us to educate and rehabilitate these special children and enable
them to become self-dependent individuals in this world.



I just felt right and it only took a few seconds so I donated.
Oliver Muller , Donor from Switzerland
I have had some problems in the past and have empathy with these kids.
RayMcHugh, Donor from United Kingdom
We owe it to the less fortunate to give a helping hand.
Sumantra Banerjee, Donor from India
Learn to Love Better and Better. I found your workers are incredible and impressed me a lot. Your actions are filling the space with humility, gratitude, understanding, consciousness and grace in the lives of mental retardation ones. Thanks for involving me to help our dear ones.
Christopher.A , Donor from India