20 09, 2020

Music Therapy for Mentally Retarded

Music can be used to practice and discriminate between sounds, aid in the development of receptive and expressive speech and language skills, improve choice making, communicate information/knowledge and develop an understanding of patterns of language. Music therapy is effective in improving hand-eye coordination and gross and fine motor skills through instrument playing. Specific instruments can be selected to address the difficulties of an individual. [Read More]

20 09, 2020

Sports and children with special Needs

Sports can give people with disabilities self-confidence, contribute to their general physical well-being, and offer an opportunity for constructive leisure activities. Playing sports can also be a major contributor to the integration of people with disabilities if it enables them to come together with non-disabled or other disabled people. Sport has another important function for people with disabilities: it forms an integral part of [Read More]

16 08, 2020

True rehabilitation for learning disabilities is not learning, it is integrating.

Perhaps one of the most audible references to learning disabilities (at least in the recent past) in Hollywood movies came from how the demigod Percy struggles to lead a normal high-schooler’s life. The movie “Percy Jackson & the Olympians” in 2010 explains the demigod’s disability as his brain being hardwired to read Greek not English. It sounded too simplistic and laughable at the time. [Read More]

29 07, 2020

Horse Riding – Rehabilitation Technique for Mentally Challenged

Horse riding is widely popular as a recreational activity, but the surprising fact about Horse Riding is that there are also remarkable health benefits for the rider especially for people with disabilities. Horse Riding Therapy is More Than Just about Riding. Horse Riding requires courage, balance, and coordination. It may take hours before a mentally challenged child feels confident enough to try and sit [Read More]

13 06, 2020

Caring for Developmental Disorders in India

Understanding developmental disorders Developmental disorders are affecting the lives of hundreds of millions of peoples around the globe. About 3% of the global population is estimated to face one or the other form of severe developmental disorder. That may sound surprisingly high considering we do not bump into people with visible conditions that very often. And that is what makes developmental disorders worrisome as [Read More]