“My advice to other disabled people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn’t prevent you doing well, and don’t regret the things it interferes with. Don’t be disabled in spirit as well as physically.” – Stephen Hawking

These words from Mr. Hawking sends a strong message to the special children, on how to live their life normally. He changed the way people thought about disability. Those special children have a chance to a good life, and they need the support of the society and the governments, to help them see that. We at CIMR give them the strength and education to live a normal life. The Indian Government is also doing their best to support.

However, every other special child who does not know about CIMR or the Government policies need to be made aware of their rights to be educated and employed. To empower these people, we have mentioned below the education and employment legal rights in India for the disabled people.


• Every Child with disability shall have the rights to free education till the age of 18 years in integrated schools or special schools.
• Appropriate transportation, removal of architectural barriers and restructuring of modifications in the examination system shall be ensured for the benefit of children with disabilities.
• Children with disabilities shall have the right to free books, scholarships, uniform and other learning material.
• Special Schools for children with disabilities shall be equipped with vocational training facilities.
• Non-formal education shall be promoted for children with disabilities.
• Teachers’ Training Institutions shall be established to develop requisite manpower.
• Parents may move to an appropriate forum for the redressal of grievances regarding the placement of their children with disabilities.


3% of vacancies in government employment shall be reserved for people with disabilities, 1% each for the persons suffering from:

• Blindness or Low Vision
• Hearing Impairment
• Locomotor Disabilities & Cerebral Palsy
• Suitable Scheme shall be formulated for:

1. The training and welfare of persons with disabilities
2. The relaxation of upper age limit
3. Regulating the employment
4. Health and Safety measures and creation of a non- handicapping, environment in places where persons with disabilities are employed

Also, Government Educational Institutes and other Educational Institutes receiving grant from the Government shall reserve at least 3% seats for people with disabilities. No employee can be sacked or demoted if they become disabled during service,  although they can be moved to another post with the same pay and condition. No promotion can be denied because of impairment.

Information about their rights and the benefits available to them needs to be spread widely to help this reach the special people in every nook and corner of the country. CIMR is doing its best to reach out to these people in need.