Horse riding is widely popular as a recreational activity, but the surprising fact about Horse Riding is that there are also remarkable health benefits for the rider especially for people with disabilities. Horse Riding Therapy is More Than Just about Riding.

Horse Riding requires courage, balance, and coordination. It may take hours before a mentally challenged child feels confident enough to try and sit on a horse. But the effort and patience will yield great results. Horse riding greatly improves mental health and well-being by increasing confidence and creating a sense of calm and freedom of movement. The physical benefits are significant, including helping to develop muscle tone, balance and coordination and reduce spasms.

The rocking and rhythmic motion of horse riding stimulates different centres of the body and brain simultaneously. It had been scientifically established that allowing children to mingle with horses, riding and grooming would sharpen their faculties as horses were known for their mental agility and physical dynamism.

Hippotherapy is a form of physiotherapy “where the horse is used as a part of the treatment. The different forms of therapy can take place through riding, grooming, and caring for horses. Hippotherapy is not as common as the usual forms of therapies and may be viewed as an alternative therapy approach.

Hippotherapy is a phenomenon among therapeutic methods. Its popularity has grown very rapidly, winning more and more supporters not only among parents of children with disabilities, but also among professionals dealing with disabled people.

ngo for mentally challenged in India

For the first time in India, a revolutionary workshop on ‘Hippo therapy & Therapeutic Horseback Riding’ for the special children was jointly organized by SAI-LNCPE & CIMR in 22 – 24 Oct 2018 @ Our Premises. Hippotherapy is a positive form of therapy for these children in both physical and psychological aspects. We are an NGO working for the total development of the mentally challenged in India. We have cited positive impact on: the psyche and the physical condition of the child, improving mobility, opening up the child to others, recovering their peace, showing joy, improving balance and reflexes, overcoming fears, becoming stronger, more willing to participate in other activities.

As an expression of his concern for the special children, the former President of India Late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam gifted two Army horses to the Central Institute on Mental Retardation (CIMR). In 2007, the horses, Fairluck and Victor were formally handed over to Father Felix at the Rashtrapati Bhavan and were brought to CIMR Trivandrum by the trainer Mr. Pradeep Kumar in an Army truck. The President’s generosity enabled the vision of the founder-director Fr Thomas Felix to use horse riding as a therapy to sharpen the skills of the special children. Dr.APJ Abdul kalam loved children and believed in our teaching concepts.

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