Talking to the special kids is an interesting and enriching experience. Finding out how they feel, what they want, their likes and dislikes can be difficult or nearly impossible when we communicate using normal methods. This acts as a deterrent to many individuals who choose to avoid interacting with special kids because of this reason.

However, every individual should make an attempt to converse with such children when they come across them. They might not respond or might just shut us down but, one should not take it personally as it is just a part of their syndrome. They probably want to engage with us, they just have difficulty in figuring out how. Also, it is not good to interrupt them when they are deeply involved in something else. We should wait for a calm and quiet moment to start the conversation.

One good way is to talk about what they want to talk. We might find it boring, but the conversation will last when we stick to the topic that the child is interested in. The conversation should be at the level that the child can understand and should be short and simple.
While conversating, we should also pay attention to their non-verbal signals. One should remember that they are talking to a kid with challenges. With little practice, one will be able to engage with them and make an interpersonal connection, a bond that will be very valuable.